All our mattress are natural and organic with no harmful chemicals or synthetic materials. This enables the natural fabric from the mattress to breath incredibly well making it excellent in keeping it fresh during the summer but snug in the winter.

Generally, people think that the comfort of a mattress means that it can give you a good night’s sleep, but in fact, true comfort lies in the temperature. The natural and organic material of all our Briq mattresses mean they are excellent for regulating temperature which allows the bed to breathe naturally.

Our Briq mattresses have taken years of research, development and sleep. We feel we have got THE mattress in providing the best quality of sleep with the perfect balance of comfort and durability. Our Briq mattresses are handed tufted to increase its lifespan and keep the stuffing securely in place. So rest assured (and sleep assured!) you will get years out of the Briq mattress.

Our warranty holds all future worries away and provides you peace of mind but also a specific reassurance that you have invested in a good product. All of our mattresses come with a warranty so that you can have tension-free sleep time.