Rattan Corner Sofa Sets and Garden Furniture

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Rattan Corner Sofas

Whether you're hosting an intimate get-together or bringing the whole family together, our corner sofa sets garden fire pits are the perfect way to enjoy your gatherings and meals in the open air.

We have selected hardy, weather-resistant furniture especially for you. With minimal care, it will remain solid and vibrant for years to come. Maintenance is quick and easy. Just dust the set regularly and clean it with a little bit of water.

Do you want to buy a set of corner sofa furniture to arrange an outdoor space with taste and functionality? Are you looking for quality furniture at an affordable price? Discover all our rattan garden corner sofas as well as all our current promotions on this website. Treat yourself to the outdoor furniture of your dreams at a very special price with our 100% rattan collection!

Rattan Garden Sofa Suites - Where Aesthetics Meet Durability

Are you looking for beautiful, comfortable, and handy furniture for your patio, balcony, or garden? Briq Furniture is pleased to offer you the convenience and elegance of its rattan range. Rattan is a high-quality material, which allows you to decorate your garden with trendy and weather-resistant furniture. It is water-proof, sun-proof, dust-proof, and resistant to high and low temperatures. Our rattan corner sofa can be installed next to a pool.

Thanks to its excellent characteristics, well-maintained rattan garden equipment will last for many years. A simple cleaning with rags or a water jet is enough. Moreover, rattan does not stain and the furniture is very light, thanks to its aluminum structure. It is thus possible to move the furniture easily according to your needs, from the shade to the sun and vice versa. Discover our rattan garden sofa collection and let yourself be seduced.

Even For Your Garden, The Furniture Trend is To Go Natural

Being both functional and fashionable, our rattan garden corner sofa range is specially designed for outdoor use. We have already been charmed by its romantic and exotic allure, but it is the quality of the materials that makes this outdoor furniture so appealing.

This rattan corner furniture for your outdoor area is as resistant as it is comfortable. We prefer cushions in grey tones to highlight our sofas. In terms of decoration, garden fire pits are very trendy. Don’t hesitate to contrast this natural garden decor with a touch of colour brought by outdoor plants.

Browse our different sets of elegant and modern furniture, ideal for your exterior premises.

Get Your Rattan Garden Corner Sofa Set Now!

Do you want to create a relaxing rattan corner in your garden or by the pool? Our rattan furniture is perfect for your landscaping project. It is resistant to the elements, easy to maintain, and of course very aesthetically pleasing.

Made from high-quality materials, discover here our collection of rattan corner sofa sets perfectly adapted to outdoor use.

Rattan Furniture FAQs

Why is a rattan garden sofa the best choice for your garden?

Rattan furniture is attractive, organic, and perfectly suited to gardens, balconies, and patios. It works well in interiors as well. Our rattan corner sofa collection mostly matches a modern style decor, but can fit in any environment. Briq rattan furniture is functional, light, and easy to take care of. Due to the unique properties of rattan in furniture, we can create interesting designs and unique forms.

Why is rattan the best material for outdoor furniture?

An important feature of rattan is its extraordinary plasticity. It is formed under the influence of water, mainly steam. The twigs of the plant become unusually flexible, at the same time retaining high strength. They are easy to process and long-lasting after proper drying.

Rattan is characterised by exceptional resistance, mainly to mechanical damage, temperature, and moisture. It is visually attractive and extremely light. Thanks to the presence of natural dyes, rattan products look exceptionally good. It is an ecological product giving a very natural look, even after painting. The plant grows much faster than most braiding materials.

Is rattan furniture waterproof?

Rattan furniture is waterproof, flexible, and resistant even to mechanical damage, but it should not be left outside, out of season. For the rattan furniture to keep its original high quality, it has to be properly protected and cleaned.

How should rattan furniture be maintained?

Lacquered rattan requires polishing and protection. Under the influence of changing environmental conditions, the furniture may change its colour, usually to darker or tarnish. Furniture cleaned with a lot of water must be properly dried.

If the rattan furniture lacks shine, it is recommended to clean it with soft flannel and a solution of water with lemon, citric acid and hydrogen peroxide. Rattan furniture can also be refreshed with furniture wax. You can even buy professional rattan cleaning products in some stores.

Rattan braids also do not like dust. Therefore, do not forget to vacuum them in the summer months. When doing this, a thin brush from a vacuum cleaner may be useful.

How should the furniture be covered during the winter?

If your furniture must stay outside, it is best to cover it. The covers should be sized to fit the furniture and made of breathable fabric. Plastic film is not suitable for protecting garden equipment. The material does not breathe and can accumulate moisture under it, which promotes the development of mould. For irregularly shaped furniture, a special tarpaulin is a good solution.

If you have a special utility room or garage, garden furniture covers will no longer be needed. You can still decide to buy covers to protect the equipment from dust and dirt.

What should I look for when buying outdoor furniture?

If we were to name a single factor that determines what garden furniture to buy, it would be the overall quality of construction. It defines whether the product will fall apart after one season or whether it will serve you well for many years. Whether it will stand up to children playing around, the sharp claws of pets, or some extreme weather conditions.

To convince yourself about the quality of Briq furniture, check out the opinions of happy customers who have bought the rattan sofa set you’re interested in.