Modern Elegance - Living Room

Posted by Isabelle Salter on

As summer draws to a close, we naturally will be spending more time in doors. As many more of us have been working from home, it’s important to have separate ‘work’ and ‘living’ areas.

Over the last few months, it’s been the case for many people that we just get on with things, but now we are settling into our ‘new normal’, there is no better time to redecorate our homes to make our ‘work’ spaces more functional, and our ‘living’ spaces more relaxing.

There is no better item to have as the focus of your living area than a luxurious sofa. Choosing a bold fabric, such as velvet, or a bold colour really makes a statement and allows you to accessorise around it easily, creating a stylish and cohesive look for your lounge. 

Blue Sofas

Blue might seem like a really bold and slightly intimidating choice of colour for a sofa, but if you choose complimentary accessories, then a cobalt-hued settee can suit any living area.

So how should you accessorise? Deep blues go really well with sunshine-yellow, and natural tones. Add some bright yellow and stone-coloured scatter cushions, to really make the gorgeous colours pop. Don’t forget a nice, neutral rug - sheepskin or woven material would look gorgeous and give your room an overall stylish yet understated feel.



Alternatively, you could go for a more glamorous look, swap out the yellow for gold sequins, and instead of sheepskin on the floor, include a few extra-fluffy cushions to snuggle up on. A gallery wall looks really chic with this style, have a browse of the interior style Instagram @ArtyNads, who has perfected this look.



Green Sofas

Similar to a blue sofa, a forest green sofa might seem like a bit of an eccentric choice, but in fact they look amazing if you have neutral décor and want to add a sassy pop of colour. Vibrant green sofas also feel fabulously vintage, so whether your aesthetic is minimalist or kitsch, an emerald settee will look at home in your living room, if a little 60s glamour is your thing.



We love @MrCigar’s cool, retro vibes with a modern twist. Like the blue sofas, green looks best with neutral accessories, and don’t forget to add lots of beautiful luscious house plants. Not only do they look good, they have health benefits too, such as reducing stress and boosting mood!

 Pink Sofas

If you want something a bit more romantic and understated, then a dusky pink sofa is the look for you. Blush pink is huge right now, with 1950s Hollywood glamour a massive influence for girly girls who love interior styling.



You can be as subtle or as bold as you like with a light pink settee, and a cream faux fur throw will look just as good as something a bit wilder. We love Polish influencer @nasza.stodola whose living room is a beautiful mix of classy and quirky!



If you're feeling inspired and want to try a colourful sofa, have a look at our full collection and find the perfect one for you!