Meet Mykonos - the Most Versitile Sofa. EVER

Posted by Laura Hodgkinson on

Furniture is personal. And personally, we’re as unique as we’ve ever been. Every next person you meet will have different tastes, different interests, and different goals, especially when it comes to curating a space that they love to live in.

When it comes to your home - whether house, apartment, loft or anything in between - we want you to feel confident in creating a space that feels as unique and personal as you. But we also know that tastes and preferences tend to shift and evolve over time. That’s where our Mykonos modular sofa comes in…

Invest In Versatility, Adaptability, and Luxury

When shopping for sectionals and new furniture for your space, most people look for something that has the potential to grow and adapt with them. If you’re spending so much on a modern sectional, after all, you want it to be able to suit your current home, next homes, new trends, and changing preferences or needs as your home grows or evolves.


The beauty of our Mykonos modular sofa is that it’s one of the most versatile and adaptable sofas on the market, without compromising on quality. While many customers opt to combine the modular pieces to create a sectional-style, ultra-soft lounge area in their home, this isn’t the only way to create comfortable seating.


When you purchase Mykonos, you’ll receive two corner modules, one armless module, and one perfectly-sized footstool/lounge module. What does this mean? It means you can use it to create four unique seating areas, or combine to create two, three, or one piece of furniture. One of our favourite options is using corner pieces to create a traditional sofa-style piece, and the remaining two pieces (armless module and footstool module) to create a comfy, inviting chaise lounge piece. Whether you choose to keep these in the same room or dedicate one to an office, bedroom, or hallway is up to you. Expanding into a bigger space? Combine them all back together to create the living room centrepiece of your dreams.

Stain Resistant Linen

Our new stain resistant woven linen comes as standard with all new orders placed from September 1st 2022. 

See the video on our mykonos product page  of our new "ducksback" stain coating on the linen fabrics. 


More Bang For Your (Nu)Buck

Not only is the Mykonos made of a luxurious woven linen to create a highly desirable nubuck effect, it’s also large enough to host all of your guests, pets, movie nights, book club, and everything in between. Despite the fact that our most popular sofa is only made of 4 pieces, these pieces really pack a punch.


Measuring in at an impressive 88cm depth and 43cm width, you’ll enjoy plenty of space to get cozy or host your favourite people in your home. Looking for inspiration to help organise your living space? Check out our Mykonos-centered ideas here.